Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup is done by professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of how to cleanup blood and bodily fluids safely.

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Suicide Cleanup

Indianapolis Crime Scene Cleanup is highly trained for all types of biohazard cleanup to get rid of the residuals of a suicide scene. We accept homeowners insurance.

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Unattended Deaths

Finding an unattended death of a loved one can be an extremely stressful and traumatic situation. We clean up after unattended deaths in Indianapolis.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Services In Indianapolis

Crime scene cleanup usually takes place after criminals have performed their actions on the site. Of course, after the tragic incident takes place, there occurs an immediate need for the clean up of that site. This is where crime scene cleanup services take place.

It has almost been two decades since we have carried out expertise in the research of crime scene cleanup services. We employ a diverse range of employees that ensure that every crime scene meets hospital grade disinfection standards. We have several trained and skilled professionals that are expert in the removal of harmful contaminants as well as long lasting foul odors. As a company providing with crime scene cleanup services, our goal and mission is to preserve the crime site as well as to convert it into a secure and livable state. While doing this, we have detailed out a briefing as to how we carry out these crime cleanup services.

First and foremost, we control the affected areas via using high quality sanitation procedures. To do this, we create around three zones using bio tape to bifurcate the crime scene site from other areas of the building. This largely helps in the prevention of cross contamination from taking place in the cleaned and the crime scene site.

The three zones include the control zone that is the area on which the crime took place. Second is the buffer zone area that is protective apparel is worn by the technicians and thirdly, there is the clean zone where equipments and disposal boxes are kept.

It shall be noted that during all stages of the crime scene cleanup services, the technicians are completely protected by equipment including double layered gloves, a respiratory gear as well as a hazmat suit.

To us, all crime scene sites are treated extremely sensitively. We believe every crime scene site is highly and intensely harmful. This is because several viruses breed in blood stains and other biological materials.

The next step involves cleaning the crime scene site via washing away all blood stains, dirt and chemical substances. Any personal assets that are affected by the crime, shall be immediately disposed off as waste.

After the cleaning, the sanitization process takes place. In this, the technicians spray disinfectants on the surfaces present at the entire crime scene. Wiping of all surfaces is thereby proceeded with followed by usage of adenosine testing.

The final step of crime scene cleanup services include deodorization. This makes the affected site get rid of any long lasting bad odors. Therefore, with our exceptional services, come to us if you require a death, trauma or a blood spill clean up. Be it you home or your property, we would swipe away any stains or lingering smells.


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